Who am I? What is Yum

This is my story......

Brittany Santiago is a successful entrepreneurial fine artist, creative director, and mother of four. Still learning and growing, she refuses to be regular, pushing her own bar higher every time she creates.  Give her limited materials and the challenge is accepted: to make something out of nothing, a motto she’s always lived by.

With her own unique approach to multimedia art using acrylic paints, Brittany’s artwork centralizes around using three colors: Red, yellow, and blue. From that limited pallet she can mix almost any ratio of color to get another color.

In the past I have hosted and  facilitated paint parties. Also I have partnered and have done projects and shows with Knightdale Town Hall, North Carolina Museum of Art, City of Raleigh as well as Dreamville.

YUM is the brand- an acronym for Your Ultimate Millennial. Check her out.